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List of publications 2017

65 Publications for the year 

P  2017-65 - Photoinduced electron transfers after t-stilbene incorporation in zeolite. Effect of the presence of an electron acceptor on the reactivity
A. Moissette, M. Hureau, P. Col, H. Vezin
Micropor. Mesopor. Mat. 254 (2017) 128 - 135

P  2017-64 - Effect of sea breeze circulation on aerosol mixing state and radiative properties in a desert setting
Y. Derimian, M. Choël, Y. Rudich, K. Deboudt, O. Dubovik, A. Laskin, M. Legrand, B. Damiri, I. Koren, F. Unga, M. Moreau, M. Andreae, A. Karnieli
Atmos. Chem. Phys. 17 (2017) 11331 - 11353

P  2017-63 - Disclosing whole reaction pathways of photochromic 3H-Naphthopyrans with fast color fading
S. Brazevic, M. Sliwa, Y. Kobayashi, J. Abe, G. Burdzinski
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8 (2017) 909 - 914

P  2017-62 - Assessing inter and intra-particle heterogeneity in alumina-poor H-ZSM-5 zeolites
K. Kennes, C. Demaret, J. Van Loon, A. Kubarev, G. Fleury, M. Sliwa, O. Delpoux, S. Maury, B. Harbuzaru, J. Roeffaers
ChemCatChem 9 (2017) 3440 - 3445

P  2017-61 - Dual thermo- and light-responsive coumarin-based copolymers with programmable cloud points
B. Couturaud, T. Stefanello, D. Fournier, M. Sliwa, A. Szarpack-Jankowska, R. Auzély-Velty, P. Woisel
Polym. Chem. 8 (2017) 4512 - 4519

P  2017-60 - Mammalian cell culture monitoring using in situ spectroscopy: Is your method really optimised?
S. André, S. Lagresle, Z. Hannas, E. Calvosa, L. Duponchel
Biotechnol. Prog. 33 (2017) 308 - 316

P  2017-59 - Studying radiolytic ageing of nuclear power plant electric cables with FTIR spectroscopy
A. Levet, J. Colombani, L. Duponchel
Talanta 172 (2017) 139 - 146

P  2017-58 - On shrinkage and structure changes of pure and blended Portland concretes
Y. Zhang, C. Davy, G. Tricot, C. Albert-Mercier, N. Henry, P. Bertier, F. Cazaux, D. Damidot, X. Bourbon
J Am Ceram Soc 100 (2017) 4131 - 4152

P  2017-57 - A modeling study of methane hydrate decomposition in contact with the external surface of zeolites
K.S. Smirnov
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19 (2017) 23095 - 23105

P  2017-56 - Miscibility and thermodynamics of mixing of different models of formamide and water in computer simulation
B. Kiss, B. Fábián, A. Idrissi, M. Szöri, P. Jedlovszky
J Phys Chem B 121 (2017) 7147 - 7155