LAboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman – UMR 8516
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Photophysics, reactivity and functionality

Head: O. Poizat

Permanent staff: S. Aloïse , M. Barj , J. Berthet , A. Bouchet , G. Buntinx , V. De Waele , S. Delbaere , O. Devos , M. Hureau , A. Idrissi , F.A. Miannay , A. Moissette , C. Ruckebusch , M. Sliwa , K. Smirnov

PhDs: J. Ashina , T. Cremoux , L. Duplouy , C. Guerrin , I. Hamdi , S. Hugelier , V. Koverga , M. Louati , Y. Smortsova , A. Khartchenko , E. Vorobyev

Post-docts: M.T. Do , R. Vitale

Visiting researchers: Pr. J. Abe, Pr. J. Hofkens, Dr. V. Spiwok, Dr. S. Ari, Pr. T. Toshioyuki, Pr. H. Miyasaka, Pr. Kalugin, Pr. R.D. Oparin, Pr. M. Takeshita

The research team associates complementary skills and competences to develop fundamental investigations of intermolecular interactions and reaction dynamics at the molecular level. We take advantage of this expertise to investigate the properties and reactivity of a variety of systems in different environments (solution, complexing or confined environment, supramolecular architecture, thin film, nanoparticle, supercritical fluids, ionic liquids). Although characterized by a rather fundamental approach, the research conducted by the team has the overall ambition to attain an understanding of the functionality of photoactivable chemical systems designed for specific applications (e.g., light-activated molecules for applications in photonics, opto-electronics or bioimagery, nanoporous matrices for heterogeneous catalysis or photovoltaic conversion, nanosensors).

The activity is organized along two lines of research:

Fundamental photophysics and photochemistry of photo-functional molecules and molecular assemblies
Molecular confinement and photo-controlled reactivity in porous media

The experimental approach is based primarily on spectroscopy. The team has acquired a very high level of skills and expertise in the field of the development of innovative approaches and techniques, particularly in two areas: time-resolved vibrational (Raman scattering, IR absorption) and electronic (UV-Vis absorption/diffuse reflection, stimulated emission) spectroscopies, and ultrafast high-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

Wherever possible, the interpretation of experimental data is supported by modeling using advanced molecular dynamics and quantum-chemical calculation methods. Also, the development of new analytical tools based on chemometrics for the processing of complex spectro-kinetic, spatio-kinetic, and spatial-spectral data is more and more systematically associated with experimental spectroscopic measurements to provide rigorous and robust descriptions of the studied photo-processes and fluorescence micro- and nano-imaging.

Funding since 2011

• GDRI – IRG PHENICS (Photo-switchable organic molecular systems & devices)
• GDR UP (Ultrafast Photochemistry)
• GDR MCM-2 (Magnetism and molecular switching)
• 9 PHC (Hubert Curien partnership)
• 2 PRC (joint research project)
• 1 PMC (Marie-Curie Program)
• 1 HFSP (Human Frontier Science Program)
• 3 PICS (International Programs for Scientific Cooperation)
• 10 ANR fundings
• 1 contrat CNRS-JSPS agreement (French – Japan joint project)
• 1 IFPEN research agreement


Team publications

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