LAboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman – UMR 8516
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LASIR is specialized in the study of complex physico-chemical systems using advanced molecular spectroscopic techniques (Raman, IR, UV-vis, luminescence, EPR, NMR …) and modeling methods (quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, chemometrics). It has a variety of high-tech spectroscopy platforms dedicated to academic and partnership research. Read more


Invitation to the Club Aquafutur Innovation

Within the framework of the Regional Center of Excellence on eco-activities cd2e, 4 LASIR research will animate the "aquafutur club" on the impact of urban STEP on the natural environment: ...

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Fête de la Nature

On the 21st of May 2017 at the "Heron farm" (Villeneuve d'Ascq), the feast of the nature allowed Gabriel Billon to present a quiz whose theme was about the water ...

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8th Symposium on Solvation

On May 19th, will be held in the Y Lilliad room of the University Lille 1 the 8th Symposium on Solvation organized, among others, by Professor Idrissi, member of the LASIR

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An efficient RuII-RhIII-RuII polypyridyl photocatalyst for visible-light-driven hydrogen production in aqueous solution

T. Stoll, M. Gennari, J. Fortage, C.E. Castillo, M. Rebarz, M. Sliwa, O. Poizat, F. Odobel, A. Deronzier, M.N. Collomb

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53 (2014) 1654 - 1658