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Liste des publications 2017

7 publications pour l'année 

P  2017-7 - Regio- and stereoselective [2+2] photocycloaddition in Ba2+ templated supramolecular dimers of styryl-derivatized aza-heterocycles
D. Berdnikova, T. Aliyeu, S. Delbaere, Y. Fedorov, G. Jonusauskas, V. Novikov, A. Pavlov, A. Peregudov, N. Shepel', F. Zubkov, O. Fedorova
Dyes Pigm. 139 (2017) 397 - 402

P  2017-6 - A closer look at the photochromism of vinylidene-naphthofurans
C.M. Sousa, J. Berthet, S. Delbaere, P.J. Coelho
Dyes Pigm. 137 (2017) 593 - 600

P  2017-5 - 13 metastable states arising from a simple multifunctional unimolecular system
L. Sanguinet, J. Berthet, G. Szalóki, O. Alévêque, J.L. Pozzo, S. Delbaere
Dyes Pigm. 137 (2017) 490 - 498

P  2017-4 - Multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) using Raman spectroscopy for in-line culture cell monitoring considering time-varying batches synchronized with correlation optimized warping (COW)
Y.J. Liu, S. André, L. Saint Cristau, S. Lagresle, Z. Hannas, E. Calvosa, O. Devos, L. Duponchel
Anal. Chim. Acta 952 (2017) 9 - 17

P  2017-3 - A multivariate curve resolution approach to separate UV–vis scattering and absorption contributions for organic nanoparticles
B. Debus, R. Vitale, S. Sasaki, T. Asahi, M. Sliwa, C. Ruckebusch
Chemometr. Intelligent Lab. Syst. 160 (2017) 72 - 76

P  2017-2 - Mechanism of cluster dissolution of Yb-doped high-silica lanthanum aluminosilicate glass: Investigation by spectroscopic and structural characterization
X. Wang, R. Zhang, J. Ren, H. Vezin, S. Fan, C. Yu, D. Chen, S. Wang, L. Hu
J Alloys Compd 695 (2017) 2339 - 2346

P  2017-1 - Solvation dynamics and rotation of coumarin 153 in a new ionic liquid/molecular solvent mixture model: [BMIM][TFSI]/propylene carbonate
Y. Smortsova, F.A. Miannay, H. Oher, B. Marekha, J. Dubois, M. Sliwa, O. Kalugin, A. Idrissi
J Mol Liq 226 (2017) 48 - 55