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Focus on the batterie ‘s life

February 2015

As part of the Network electrochemical energy storage (RS2E), Jean-Marie Tarascon (Collège de France, UPMC / CNRS) and Hervé Vezin (LASIR, Lille University / CNRS) working for several years on adapting the EPR spectroscopy (electron paramagnetic resonance) to the field of batteries.

In collaboration with experts (Didier Gourier of IRCP, Elodie Salager of CEMHTI) and through the development of a cell to the analysis of EPR in Operando they allowed to monitor changes of the material during the electrochemical cycle of a battery but also to achieve the mapping of species formed by EPR Imaging.

This study is the first report in the world in the use of RPE as lithium-ion imaging technique. It is published in Nature Communications.

Electron paramagnetic resonance imaging for real-time monitoring of Li-ion batteries
M. Sathiya, J.B. Leriche, E. Salager, D. Gourier, J.M. Tarascon, H. Vezin
Nature Communications 6 (2015)