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Séminaire du Pr. Yasushi Yokoyama

Yokohama National University, Japon
Photochromism of Diarylethenes in Natural and Artificial Environments

Photochromism is a fascinating phenomenon in which a compound changes its structure reversibly by light irradiation. Diarylethenes are one of the most prominent as well as promising photochromic compounds to be applied to the practical applications, particularly in the field of biological fields.
Recently we have been developing diarylethenes which work in the biology-related environments or can be applied to the biology-related sciences. The subject of this talk dealing with novel diarylethenes will include (i) photochromic switch of fluorescence in water-containing media, (ii) photochromic and/or light-triggered turn-on switch of fluorescence, (iii) highly enantioselective photochromism in human serum albumin, (iv) regulation of light transmittance through the optical window in biological tissues.

Le séminaire aura lieu le 04.03.2014 à 10h30
salle de réunion du LASIR, sous-sol bâtiment C5