LAboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman – UMR 8516
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A new Raman spectrometer has been insalled in the LASIR laboratory

February 2014

This microspectrometer has been financed thanks to the Labex CaPPA.

This sytem is an “HR evolution” from the Horiba scientific company. Working with a red laser, it makes it possible to measure samples both under the microscope as well as with a probe.

Do not hesitate to contact Myriam MOREAU for more information about this spectrometer and also all the Raman spectrometers of LASIR.

Note : 40 years after the commercialisation of the MOLE, the first Raman microspectrometer developed in LASIR by professor Delhaye and professor Dhamelincourt and commercialised by the company LIRINORD, the new system installed in the laboratory is 1000 th spectrometer of the HR range sold by the Raman branch of the Horiba scientific company.