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Hervé Vezin, researcher at the LASIR co-author of an article in the Nature materials review of September

September 2013

Reversible anionic redox chemistry in high-capacity layered-oxide electrodes
M. Sathiya, G. Rousse, K. Ramesha, C.P. Laisa, H. Vezin, M.T. Sougrati, M.L. Doublet, D. Foix, D. Gonbeau, W. Walker, A.S. Prakash, M. Ben Hassine, L. Dupont, J.M. Tarascon
Nat. Mater. 12 (2013) 827 – 835

This article concerns the study of a new class of Li2MO3 oxide which presenting remarkable characteristics as cathodes material for batteries. In this study the Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy played a crucial role for the identification of the redox species during the cycles of load and unload.
Li2MO3 is a big family of compounds, this study opens the door to the exploration of a large number of high capacity materials.