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Séminaire du Pr. Tsuyoshi Kawai

Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Development of triangle terarylenes: modification on their photoreactivity and chemical reactivity

Triangle terarylenes having hexatriene structure on their backbone shows photochromic ring-cyclization to cyclohexadiene structure upon UV light irradiation. Since all three aromatic rings are possible to be the subject of chemical modification, their photochemical and chemical properties are flexibly tunable. For example, introduction of phenyl ethynyl groups at the reaction center carbon atoms resulted in highly efficient thermal cycloreversion reactivity, whose reaction rate is more than million time faster than the usual dimethyl derivatives. Introduction of imidazorium units into one of the aryl groups caused specific photo-gated reactivity upon photocyclization reaction. Triangle terarylenes with specific intramolecular interaction showed photochromic reaction quantum yield of almost 100%.

The seminar will be held on 05.12.2011 at 14h00
LASIR meeting room, basement building C5