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LASIR PhD students Day

University of Lille - Sciences et Technologies, LASIR
Oral presentations given by the 1st and 2nd Year PhD students
09h00 - 09h10Accueil
09h10 - 10h10Plenary - Reactivity and structural changes as viewed by and with unpaired electrons, Giuseppe Sicoli
10h10 - 10h30The study of the complexation of manganese with morine: a theoretical and experimental approach, Diksha Jani Thaviligadu
10h30 - 10h50Pause café (C15 salle 007)
10h50 - 11h30Measuring optical properties of proxies of desert dust, marine and volcanic aerosols with wide spectral coverage, Danielle El Hajj
11h30 - 11h50Risk assessment of disinfection by-product formation in drinking water, Henry MacKeown
11h50 - 12h30Comprehension of the evolution of river water quality in northern France. Application to river Selle, Pratima Bhurtun
12h30 - 14h00Repas du midi (C5 bibliothèque)
14h00 - 14h40New insights over a novel photo-, acido-, and solvato-chromic system, by NMR and DFT calculations, Clément Guerrin
14h40 - 15h00Characterization of natural organic matter and processes during drinking water treatments, Junias Adusei Gyamfi
15h00 - 15h20Valorisation of food waste (dates stones) for the elimination of pesticides in contaminated water, Rayane Sahmarani
15h20 - 15h40Pause café (C15 salle 007)
15h40 - 16h20Monitoring solvation dynamics processes in a new electrolyte model for DSSCs: Bmim BF4 / PC, Yevheniia Smortsova
16h20 - 16h40Photoreactivity of aromatic molecules confined in porous materials, Lucie Duplouy
16h40Clôture (C5 bibliothèque)
The seminar will be held on 2017.06.29 at 09:00
University of Lille - Sciences et Technologies, Buiding C15, Amphitheatre 6