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David Dumoulin

Ingénieur de recherche Lille 1
Tél  : 03 20 33 60 29
Fax : 03 20 43 67 55

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Laboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman
Bâtiment C5 - UMR CNRS 8516
Université de Lille1, Sciences et Technologies
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
P  2017-27 - Removal and biodegradation of phenanthrene, fluoranthene and pyrene by the marine algae Rhodomonas baltica enriched from north atlantic coasts
A. Arias, A. Souissi, O. Glippa, M. Roussin, D. Dumoulin, S. Net, B. Ouddane, S. Souissi
Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 98 (2017) 392 - 399

P  2017-28 - Impact of a zinc processing factory on surrounding surficial soil contamination
D. Dumoulin, G. Billon, N. Proix, H. Frérot, M. Pauwels, P. Saumitou-Laprade
J. Geochem. Explor. 172 (2017) 142 - 150

P  2017-39 - Comparison of POCIS passive samplers vs. composite water sampling: A case study
J. Criquet, D. Dumoulin, M. Howsam, L. Mondamert, J.F. Goossens, J. Prygiel, G. Billon
Sci. Total Environ. 609 (2017) 982 - 991

P  2016-12 - Franciscana dolphins as PCBs marine biomonitors in Argentina, south-west Atlantic Ocean
A. Arias, M. Panebianco, S. Net, D. Dumoulin, S. Souissi, B. Ouddane, H. Cappozzo, J. Marcovecchio
J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. U. K. 4 (2016) 979 - 992

P  2016-15 - Water quality assessment of a small peri-urban river using low and high frequency monitoring
A. Ivanovsky, J. Criquet, D. Dumoulin, C. Alary, J. Prygiel, L. Duponchel, G. Billon
Environ. Sci. Process. Impacts 18 (2016) 624 - 637

P  2016-29 - Active biomonitoring for assessing effects of metal polluted sediment resuspension on gammarid amphipods during fluvial traffic
E. Prygiel, G. Billon, A. François, D. Dumoulin, A. Chaumot, O. Geffard, J. Criquet, J. Prygiel
Environ. Pollut. 218 (2016) 129 - 139

P  2016-50 - Chromium behavior in aquatic environments: A review
J. Gorny, G. Billon, C. Noiriel, D. Dumoulin, L. Lesven, B. Madé
Environ Rev 24 (2016) 503 - 516

P  2015-33 - On biogeochemistry and water quality of river canals in Northern France subject to daily sediment resuspension due to intense boating activities
E. Prygiel, P.J. Superville, D. Dumoulin, F. Lizon, J. Prygiel, G. Billon
Environ. Pollut. 197 (2015) 295 - 308

P  2015-35 - Arsenic behavior in river sediments under redox gradient: A review
J. Gorny, G. Billon, L. Lesven, D. Dumoulin, B. Madé, C. Noiriel
Sci. Total Environ. 505 (2015) 423 - 434

P  2015-36 - Overview of persistent organic pollution (PAHs, Me-PAHs and PCBs) in freshwater sediments from Northern France
S. Net, R. El-Osmani, E. Prygiel, S. Rabodonirina, D. Dumoulin, B. Ouddane
J. Geochem. Explor. 148 (2015) 181 - 188

P  2015-40 - Distribution of phthalates, pesticides and drug residues in the dissolved, particulate and sedimentary phases from transboundary rivers (France-Belgium)
S. Net, S. Rabodonirina, R. Ben Sghaier, D. Dumoulin, C. Chbib, I. Tlili, B. Ouddane
Sci. Total Environ. 521-522 (2015) 152 - 159

P  2015-45 - Development and application of a HPIC-ICP-MS method for the redox arsenic speciation in river sediment pore waters
J. Gorny, D. Dumoulin, L. Lesven, C. Noiriel, B. Madé, G. Billon
J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 30 (2015) 1562 - 1570

P  2015-47 - Distribution of persistent organic pollutants (PAHs, Me-PAHs, PCBs) in dissolved, particulate and sedimentary phases in freshwater systems
S. Rabodonirina, S. Net, B. Ouddane, D. Merhaby, D. Dumoulin, T. Popescu, P. Ravelonandro
Environ. Pollut. 206 (2015) 38 - 48

P  2015-97 - Determination of total arsenic using a novel Zn-ferrite binding gel for DGT techniques: Application to the redox speciation of arsenic in river sediments
J. Gorny, L. Lesven, G. Billon, D. Dumoulin, C. Noiriel, C. Pirovano, B. Madé
Talanta 144 (2015) 890 - 898

P  2014-67 - An experimental design approach to the optimisation of pesticide extraction from water
R. El-Osmani, S. Net, D. Dumoulin, M. Bigan, B. Ouddane, M. Baroudi
Anal. Methods 6 (2014) 6514 - 6521

P  2014-70 - Experimental design approach to the optimisation of hydrocarbons extraction from the sediment: Method development and application
S. Net, D. Dumoulin, R. El-Osmani, V. Delcourt, M. Bigan, B. Ouddane
Appl. Geochem. 40 (2014) 126 - 134

P  2014-74 - Daily variations of Zn and Pb concentrations in the Deûle River in relation to the resuspension of heavily polluted sediments
P.J. Superville, E. Prygiel, A. Magnier, L. Lesven, Y. Gao, W. Baeyens, B. Ouddane, D. Dumoulin, G. Billon
Sci. Total Environ. 470-471 (2014) 600 - 607

P  2014-75 - Solid phase extraction of organochlorine pesticides residues in groundwater (Akkar Plain, North Lebanon)
R. El-Osmani, S. Net, D. Dumoulin, M. Baroudi, H. Bakkour, B. Ouddane
Int. J. Environ. Res. 8 (2014) 903 - 912

P  2014-76 - Case study of PAHs, Me-PAHs, PCBs,Phthalates and pesticides contamination in the Somme River water, France
S. Net, D. Dumoulin, R. El-Osmani, S. Rabodonirina, B. Ouddane
Int. J. Environ. Res. 8 (2014) 1159 - 1170